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Skills developed by MDM Team

Railway field

1. Mathematical models for the prediction of the wear evolution of wheels and rails in the railway field:

  • Useful tool in the process of both vehicles and railway/tram lines design to estimate the life of the wheels and rails, the turning intervals and maintenance costs, thus verifying also the respect of the life requirements of wheels and rails usually required in the race. It is possible to evaluate the goodness of different lubrication design solutions in order to optimize the wear of wheel and rail.
  • Useful tool for planning the maintenance and diagnostics of railway vehicles.
  • Useful tool for investigating issues of early wear of wheels and rails in railway scenarios.

2. Assistance to the homologation tests of driving dynamics for rail and metro vehicles. Activity of test plan drafting and post processing of the results.

3. Driving dynamics simulations as an aid to designing or revamping of railway vehicles.

4. Development of 2D/3D vehicles models for railway maintenance aimed at testing the performance of odometric algorithms SSC/SCMT BL3 in degraded adherence conditions.


Turbomachinery field

1. 1D/3D mathematical models for the thermal fluid dynamics analysis of industrial auxiliary plants:

  • Useful tool in the design phase of industrial plants (auxiliary lubrication plants, steam plants, etc ...). You can evaluate the quality of different sizing solutions in order to optimize the costs and performance of the system.
  • Useful tool for planning maintenance and diagnostics of industrial plants.
  • Useful tool for investigating problems related to control systems of industrial components (valves, actuators, turbine etc ...).

2. Dynamic simulation of the pressure, flow and temperature of industrial plants in both nominal and off-design conditions. Robust simulation of fault scenarios (Virtual Hazop).

3. Design of innovative industrial components (actuators, pumps, etc…).

4. Assistance to functional tests for approval of industrial plants. Activity of the test plan preparation and post processing of the results.

5. Design and development of PLC dedicated to Real-Time Control of components and complex systems.

6. Development of Hardware In the Loop architectures for testing of components, control systems and complex plants.


Underwater robotic field

1. Design of both Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).

2. Design of components that work in high hydrostatic pressure condition.

3. Development of marine propulsion for autonomous vehicles applications.

 4. Dynamic modelling and simulation of underwater vehicles.

5. Realizations of Graphical User Interface (GUI) for AUV and ROV.

6. Development of Guide, Navigation and Control (GNC) algorithms for AUV.

7. Integration and development of navigation support systems using optical and acoustic sensors.

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