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Mechanical Design and Drafting of a New Battery Section for Long Endurance Ops OEX AUV

The Ocean Explorer (OEX) is a sophisticated autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV): developed at Florida Atlantic University, the OEX has undergone significant modifications at the NATO CMRE for use in the antisubmarine warfare programme and other projects. The OEX has a modular design so that it can accommodate a variety of payloads. Once the AUV is launched, it can operate independently. Using onboard equipment, the OEX gathers information in the underwater environment, such as the presence and location of objects of interest.

The work of MDM Team consisted in the mechanical design and drafting of a new battery section for long endurance ops OEX AUV. The activity has involved the modelling of the different parts and their assembly, and the execution of some check calculations of both flotation and structural strength. Starting from the drafts of the parts provided by NATO CMRE, we modelled the individual components using a 3D drawing software and then assembled adequately. Then, agreed the exact materials of each part, we were able to calculate the weight of the individual components and then evaluate the full assembly buoyancy. For the calculation of the assembly thrust, it was necessary to exactly evaluate what the “watertight compartments” were, in order to calculate the volume of the displaced fluid and also we had to hypothesize the thrusting action of the not designed parts, such as cables, connectors, electronic boards, etc...

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