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Bathymetric surveys MultiBeam an area of the submerged part of the island of Stromboli

Subsequently the task received from the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Florence DST, MDM TEAM srl in collaboration with Geomarine srl Senigallia (AN) who provided the boat and the equipment, carried out a campaign of bathymetric surveys in the portion of sea of a submerged portion of the Sciara del Fuoco (north-west of Stromboli Island).

The purpose of the survey bathymetric of the considered portion of sea, was to provide morphobathymetric data by means of cartographic representation of detail.

The bathymetric survey was performed using a Multibeam detection system (R2024 model of the R2Sonic), for the whole extension where the bottom depth of the gulf is between about -20 m and approximately -500 m. The transducer has been installed in the lower part of the boat, using a support made of stainless steel and able to ensure position stability.

The detailed bathymetric survey conducted on September 15 2016, involved an area of approximately 2,000,000 square meters (200 hectares).

The list of the used instruments is as follows:

  • Multibeam echo sounder R2 Sonic 2024, with a 200-400 kHz frequency transducer;
  • DGPS System Topcon Legacy-E and as a secondary system Emisphere V101;
  • Integrated motion sensor with the Orion gyrocompass by TSS-TEledyne;
  • Software for hydrographic surveys QPS QINSy.

For performing bathymetric surveys it was used the covered catamaran “Idrosfera”, 6.9 m long and 2.4 m wide, with n. 2 60 hp engines, capacity 6 persons, inscribed in the Register Minor Boats and Floating.

The surface positioning satellite system used for performing the reliefs was the differential GPS (DGPS), Topcpn Legacy-E model with satellite differential correction EGNOSV101.

The acquisition, management and storage of the position and navigation data has been performed with a navigation system constituted by a workstation equipped with the QINSy Survey software by QPS.

The DGPS surface positioning system has been interfaced with all other measuring instruments for the management and the acquisition of all considered data.

The geodetic parameters used during data acquisition phases and for the geo-referencing of the data obtained are the ones defined in the following table.

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